• Strategic Audit & Implementation.
  • Economic intelligence / stratégic watch
    (technological & regulatory, competitive).
  • Market studies, faisability studies.
  • Coaching & Assistance to management in international contacts and negociations.
  • Coaching to sale force.
  • Transition management / project management.
  • Distribution networks set-up
  • Communication & Marketing, Digital presence and digital transformation.
  • Collaborative work process setup within network / CRM
  • Documentation (Technical, Marketing) and document control
  • Business Development / Investors :
    Business Plan
    Executive summary
  • Langues : French, English, Arabic
Stategic Audit, assesment
of development opportunities
for company products & services

International Business Development first requires a critical analysis delivered through a strategic audit, if possible with the support of a specialist able to support the future implementation of the strategic plan on Export markets.

Business Acceleration


Planification & Assistance
Agencies/ Local networks
Development management

- Coaching & assistance to sales force

- Sales force externalization

- Support to sales force organisation

- Distribution networks set-up

Economical Intelligence

Amongst the key points of the strategic analysis we find economic intelligence specially its various components:
- strategical, (market sustainability, match to market, existing players or new comers able to dramatically change game)
- technological, (emerging technologies which may out date the company's solutions, it defines the lifetime and the price and margin levels planning)
- regulatory, (standard compatibility with targeted markets and identifies potential evolution during the forecast lifetime of products)
- competitive, (products or services already existing elsewhere and able to compete directly or indirectly with the company's solutions in the future)

Project Management
Planning/Service Assistance

From a managerial point of view, export development means to work into a "project" mode and when it comes to complex sales associating various company components and external providers, it is mandatory to consider implementing a project management process which is nowadays associated to a document control process.

Coaching for Management and Sale Force/ communication to investors

The success in such a development goes through the quality resources allocation and the choice of a partner able to initiate implementation. The training of internal company resources will follow to enable autonomous handling of the future development.

The quest of market share through the export development asks for all these and pre suppose a coaching for the export sales force or even a transition management for sales in order to speed up this growth phase.

Strategic analysis also ask for implementation of market studies for each targeted territory and segment. Feasibility studies may eventually be required to build a model for more complex solutions and check the technical and financial feasibility and viability. These are mandatory mainly in the frame of complex export projects asking for proposals and binding offers answering international public tenders. The international development for growth companies is mandatory. It means a special focus on business development which is not necessarily already developed in the company and calls for a quick adaptation to international environment. This is a fantastic opportunity which requires professionalism and pace to happen.