Aryper, a Business Development solution

- Small / Medium size company in growth phase
- Limited ressources for sales & marketing (start-up)
- Without quick access to export markets
- Without a proper distribution network


1- A stratégic & technical analyst
2- A sale force
3- A distribution network


- Reduced TTM (Time To Market)
- Efficiency
- Low risk
- Reduced cost

Growth concern for small and medium size companies is both vital and dangerous. Growth allows the small or medium size company to reach a critical size going through the phase where structure building generates more costs than profit. It is key that this phase remains as short as possible even if this company evolution may trigger managerial difficulties which will likely require assistancet from specialist or a transition management mostly for sales. Growth often require a financial investment and also a forecast of resources allocation to fund the activity increase through the rolling cash. Growth generates a financial burden linked to the cost of development through all the investments it requires. As an intangible assets, outside R&D we consider mainly the cost linked to Business Development and Export Development. The development on International market through Export sales became critical as it allows access to growth markets outside Europe. This means fast growth potential with increased profitability.